Long Distance (2016)

Commissioned and Premiered by the Zodiac Trio


8 minutes


Violin, Clarinet in Bb, and Piano

First Performance

July 13, 2016 at Église Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur in La Bolline, Valdeblore, France

Performers: Zodiac Trio

Program Notes

In a musty and damp basement, I came across an old shoe box. Inside, there were kept correspondences and keepsakes from my grandfather to my grandmother. They ranged from everyday notes to birthday cards to pages upon pages of handwritten letters during World War II. Hidden away in a simple unpretentious shoe box, these keepsakes of a dying art form were almost thrown away and forgotten. Moved and touched by the simple fragility, love, and hope that these letters represented, I composed my own. Long Distance represents the isolation and separation of lovers, friends, and family, who hope, wish, and wait for their next reunion.